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Red Wine

Health Benefits of Red Wine and Dark Chocolate

We love red wine and dark chocolate.  To call them “health foods” is stretching it, but each possesses healthy components.  Whether you consider each as its own food group or only partake on occasion, there are ingredients in both that are considered beneficial to good health. Health Benefits of Red Wine Red wines, Pinot, Syrah, […]

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Olive Oil Mixology

In a previous blog, we talked about using balsamic vinegar in cocktails (have you tried our Cinnamon Pear Martini?). But what about olive oil in cocktails? It may sound weird, but some of the country’s leading bars that specialize in creating craft cocktails are jumping on the olive oil bandwagon. Mixologists are creating olive oil […]

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Baby eating

Your Baby and Olive Oil

  Should You Feed Your Baby Olive Oil? As adults, we have heard about the health benefits of incorporating olive oil as part of a healthy diet. But what about feeding olive oil to babies? Doctors in Italy are recommending incorporating olive oil into solid food and in some cases, expressed breast milk. Olive oil […]

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