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Join us for cooking classes featuring accomplished chefs from the greater Atlanta area. We take pride in providing the setting where chef and students discover and experience together what fine cooking is all about. All entrees are prepared using Leaning Ladder Olive Oils and Vinegar. Grab your friends or significant other and a bottle of wine, and join us for a fun evening of food, drinks, and laughter. PLUS: Get 10% off on all Leaning Ladder products used within demonstrations. Redeem your discount the day of or the day after the event. For your convenience, you can click on the event to purchase your seat online, or you can call today to make your reservation 678-401-2609.

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Tuesday, February 19: The Feeling of Tropics with Chef Oakley, 11:30am – 1:30pm
$45 Per Person

Leaning Ladder Class_The Feeling of Tropics with Chef OakleyRegardless of what the weather is on February 19th, Chef Oakley, the Queen of Black Garlic, will provide the feeling of the Tropics in the Leaning Ladder Kitchen. The Cuban, which originated in Key West and Ybor City, two early Cuban immigrant communities in Florida, brought it to Miami, where now it is a staple in Miami-Cuban culture. Taking its originality yet providing her own spin, Chef Oakley will present to us her Black Garlic Cuban, served with Zucca Fries and a Black Garlic Aioli. And, for dessert, Vanilla Bean Soft Serve Ice Cream with Black Garlic Olive Oil, plus a little something extra.

Friday, February 22: Leaning Ladder Wine Tasting + MORE, – 8pm
$10 Per Person

Leaning Ladder Class_Feb 22- Wine TastingEnjoy an evening of Organic Italian Wine tasting, paired with Leaning Ladder Pastas.







Saturday, February 23: An Exploration of Korean Dishes with Chef Sunisa, 7 – 9pm
$45 Per Person    (SOLD OUT)

Korean food is a defining element of their culture, which is directly related to Korea’s environment, the country’s location, its geography, and climate. Until the 20th century, Korea was a rural, farming society with a good deal of wild food gathering. Farmers worked hard to intensively cultivate the land. As a result, Korean food tends to be hearty, much more so than in neighboring Japan or China. Master popular Korean foods as part of your February Bucket List. Chef Sunisa will provide the precise instructions on what it takes to perfect Bulgogi, Korean BBQ, Bibimbap (a Korean rice bowl mix), along with a selection of vegetables as sides. Plus, you get to indulge in the rich and addicting flavors of Korean fare.

Thursday, February 28: Parisian Sunrise with Chef Melissa, 11:30am – 1:30pm
$45 Per Person     (SOLD OUT)

Continuing our globe-trotting brunch fest, with Chef Melissa we will embark on a culinary journey to France. With no need to wait in line, we start with delicious, aromatic, French-Press Coffee. Bite into the true taste of France with Chef Melissa’s Lemon-Parsley Gougères, savory cheese puffs; Quiche Lorraine, which is the epitome of French cuisine; along with its famed Savory Crepes with Herbed Ricotta and Sweet Crepes with Nutella and Macerated Berries. In this celebration of French tradition, you will encounter sophistication in its flavors and techniques, plus luscious ingredients.

MARCH 2019

Saturday, March 9: A Balance of Extremes with Chef Sunisa, 7 – 9pm
$45 Per Person   (SOLD OUT)

Authentic Japanese food is a balance of cooked and uncooked food, seasoned and unseasoned with detailed perfection by wise chefs. Who’s our Japanese star? Chef Sunisa. For tonight we begin with Tuna Tataki, a personal favorite of Leaning Ladder’s team. Light, yet full of robust flavors, this dish reflects the balance of the Japanese culture. We then move to the famed California Roll and Volcano Roll; each guest will learn to make their own. So yes, hands-on session for this section of the evening. What else does this mean? You will be thankful, as you will be able to impress family and friends with your new Japanese skill. Meanwhile Chef Sunisa will be preparing the very refreshing, yet bold Cucumber Kani Salad, which will be dressed with Leaning Ladder olive oils and vinegar and served with the California Roll. Plus, a surprise dish will be in the works. What else to expect? Chef Sunisa provides true food like no other; prepare yourself to be awed.

Tuesday, March 12: Argentine Passionate Fare with Chef Jack, 7 – 9:30pm
$45 Per Person

Leaning Ladder Class_March 9_ A Balance of Extremes with Chef SunisaToday, Argentina Celebrates National Shield Day, for the creation and declaration of their national symbol in 1813. Today at Leaning Ladder, we celebrate their culture and passionate fare with Chef Jack, our jet-setting travel enthusiast. He will be starting us off with mouth-watering Empanadas as appetizers. For those who love steak, Argentine Steak with Chimichurri takes you to another level when it comes to the goodness of red meat, accompanied with Balsamic Roasted Potatoes. For dessert, we will enjoy the famed Boudin de Pan.


Wednesday, March 13: Going Irish with Chef Amber, 7 – 9pm
$45 Per Person

Leaning Ladder Class_March 13_ Going Irish with Chef AmberKicking off the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, early, Chef Amber starts us off with Mini Boxties served with Sour Cream Sauce, featuring Leaning Ladder olive oils and vinegar. For the entrée, Chef Amber’s rendition of the Reuben with Irish Braised Cabbage is phenomenal. Toasted sliced-sourdough, shredded corned beef, fancy mustard, and shredded cabbage in a light vinaigrette, featuring Leaning Ladder olive oils and vinegar… mouthwatering, we agree. For the finale, Sticky Date Pudding with Toffee Sauce, essentially rich and moist, permeated with its thick loving sauce. Delightful.

Thursday, March 14: Modern Mediterranean with Chef Melissa, 7 – 9:30pm
$45 Per Person

Unlike today’s fast-paced, workaholic, American culture, the Mediterranean lifestyle is very relaxed with family, friends and food as the focus. They have a remarkable ability to fluidly combine the three, bringing everyone into the kitchen to create beautiful meals for all. The Modern Mediterranean demonstration class will focus on Mediterranean food culture and a deliciously healthy lifestyle. During the demonstration, Chef Melissa will discuss health benefits of their main staple, olive oil, as well as other key ingredients in a Mediterranean diet. For this delicious experience you will enjoy Handmade Roasted Red Pepper Hummus & Olive Tapenade with Toasted Pita Bread, Classic Greek Salad, Marinated Greek Chicken with Fruited Cous Cous & Tzatziki Sauce with Charred Lemon, and yogurt with fresh fruit, mint, honey, and cinnamon. Come relax, unwind, and enjoy an afternoon of the Mediterranean way of life.

Friday, March 15: Seaside Fresh with Chef Alan, 7 – 9pm
$45 Per Person

Leaning Ladder Class_March 15_ Seaside Fresh with Chef AlanDelight your taste buds with Chef Alan’s precise techniques, impeccable ingredients, and simple goodness. He will start us off with Tasty Pimento Cheese and Crumbled Bacon Crostini; classic and scrumptious. For the entrée, you will be delighted with Fresh Salmon served with a Creamy Lemony Piccata Sauce made with cream, Leaning Ladder vinegar, white wine, lemon, capers, parsley, garlic, and butter served over Leaning Ladder Pasta, accompanied with Roasted Fresh Broccoli Florets.


Wednesday, March 20: Spring Ahead Cooking Class with Chef Megan, 7 – 9:30pm
$45 Per Person

Leaning Ladder Class_March 20_ Spring Ahead Cooking Class with Chef MeganToday we Celebrate International Day of Happiness and Health, and who better than Chef Megan to spring us ahead. She begins by teaching how to prepare the perfect consistency for Spring Pea Hummus, seriously delicious and appealing to the eyes. We then journey into the land of crisp, fresh ingredients with Radish and Endive Raw Salad, featuring Leaning Ladder olive oils and vinegar. For the entree, Cedar Plank Salmon with Sesame Ginger Glaze, served with Asparagus Farro Spring Brunch Salad. For the finale, Super Spring Green Smoothie with Maca. Maca, which is sometimes referred to as Peruvian ginseng is highly nutritious, plus increases libido in men and women. So yes, Chef Megan prepares goodness for our taste buds, and goodness for overall.

Thursday, March 21: Featuring Chef Daniel of Century House Tavern, 7 – 9pm
$50 Per Person     (SOLD OUT)

Full menu description coming soon.







Wednesday, March 27: Featuring Chef Oakley, 7 – 9pm
$45 Per Person

Full menu description coming soon.







Friday, March 29: Southern Sunrise with Chef Melissa, 11:30am – 1:30pm
$45 Per Person

Leaning Ladder Class_March 29_ Southern Sunrise with Chef MelissaChef Melissa is our culinary tour guide as we journey into the land of southern golly. Encounter massive tasty brunch goodness with Creamy Egg Scramble with Chives; Mixed Greens and Champagne Vinaigrette, featuring Leaning Ladder olive oils and vinegar; Smoked Gouda Cheese and Cream Grits; Center Cut Candied Bacon; and Cranberry Orange Muffins. With pure ingredients and Chef Melissa’s passion to please, there’s no need to wait for a special occasion to indulge in this ultimate southern sunrise brunch.


Please know we are always working with our chefs to add additional classes; check back regularly. All classes use Leaning Ladder’s Oils and Vinegar. Call 678-401-2609 to register, or to purchase your seat online,click here. NOTE: Photos are meant to be a representation. Please refer to cooking class policies for cancellations and rescheduling guidelines.

Please register early to reserve a seat and to prevent class from being cancelled or rescheduled. Any class not meeting the minimum number of guests 48 hours prior to class time may be rescheduled or cancelled. We take all major credit cards and payment is made at time of registration.

NOTE: All classes are BYOB or Leaning Ladder offers a wide variety of wines to purchase and enjoy during your class. Please call the store to reserve your space at 678-401-2609.

Please treat your paid class reservation as you would theater tickets or sporting events, and understand that once you have purchased the class, we cannot issue refunds. However, if you have a change of plans more than 5 days prior to the class, we will issue you a Leaning Ladder gift certificate that can be used for another class. Cancellation of your reservation within 2 days of the class cannot be accommodated, but if you are unable to attend, you may send someone else in your place.
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